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1st Lieutenant Jason D Mann

When I was in the Air Force I met Steve because I went on a weekend trip with a friend of mine.  Erin and I were really good friends and she and her boyfriend Jason were going to Dallas for a long weekend trip just to have fun.  Erin invited me to go with them.  I initially said no because I didn't want to be a third wheel.  Then she told me that it was okay because Jason was inviting a friend.  Then I said no because I didn't want to go on a weekend trip with her and her boyfriend and a guy I didn't know.  She eventually talked me into it and the rest is history.  Married with a kid and another on the way.  Thanks to Jason, I met my husband, the love of my life.

Jason was enlisted when I knew him.  He eventually got engaged to Erin, but they never married and ended up going their separate ways.  Jason got into a very competitive commissioning program.  The Marine Corps paid for him to finish school and then made him an officer.  He married and had a daughter.

I just found out that 1st Lieutenant Jason Mann was killed in Afghanistan on July 17th, 2008.  It was not a combat death; a building collapsed on him.

Rest in peace, Friend.



Nov. 15th, 2008 05:30 am (UTC)
Jason was my brother-in-law. I met Erin once, sweet girl. I scan the internet every once in awhile to see any recent updates/posts about him and found yours tonight. Although my husband did not get to see his brother very often he was, as we all were, so very very proud of Jason and will miss him so much. I think about Shannon, his wife and Isabella his daughter often and mourn for their deep loss. Jason was such a great guy and the circumstances of his death are just so tragic. He is at peace now and I pray that Fini (his mom), Shannon and Bella can somehow take comfort in that. We love and miss you Jason, Mickey, Stacie and the boys.
Nov. 15th, 2008 08:57 pm (UTC)
Hi, thank you for commenting. I don't know if you will see my reply, but if you do, could you please email me at airjordi at yahoo dot com?

My husband and I have been trying to find a way to donate to Isabella's trust fund, but my husband lost touch with Jason some years ago so we are not sure how to find either his mother or his wife. Thank you!


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